About Us

Foster & Bridge IndonesiaFoster&Bridge Indonesia began its activities in 2012 as a training and development company under license from the Foster&Bridge brand. The company focuses on serving individuals and corporations by developing their human capital, thus enabling them to face competition and new challenges. For that, the company relies on its high end training courses that help develop the attendees’ skills and a more inner perception of business and how to communicate and deal with everyday professional situations.

Highly qualified professionals, who love to share their expertise in various fields of business in order to enrich other, are the ones who deliver Foster&Bridge Indonesia courses. With this in mind, Foster&Bridge Indonesia contributes to and expands the knowledge of Indonesian professionals, not to mention the entire Indonesian society too.

The values and philosophies of Foster&Bridge Indonesia are composed of Nurturing, Elevating, and Connecting the Indonesian society and its professional developments. For each pillar discipline, the correct methodologies are applied, as each of them follows a very well defined path not only to teach each applicant but to guide him or her as well.

Nurturing (from nothingness to something)

Foster&Bridge Indonesia is present to nourish and shape upcoming skillful & successful individuals. This happens by elaborating and polishing their personal and professional figure to portray their excellence.

Elevating (from lower to higher state)

Foster&Bridge Indonesia is the stepping-stone on which professionals find the needed support for all levels in order to give the commonly difficult first steps of the ascension. Attendees will climb towards a better self, thus encountering better advantages, better professional standings and better private lives along the endeavor, both in their vocations and in society.

Connecting (from one to many)

Foster&Bridge Indonesia advocates that no individual can ever be proficient and complete as long as he or she doesn’t create, maintain and value connections in his or her scope of activity. In order to succeed, one has to address those who strive to provide everything off them so naturally talented people can thrive and beget the best of both worlds: their career and private enterprises.