Our Mission

The Role of Foster&Bridge Indonesia

In the last couple of decades we have testified to a crescent technical revolution in the industries that, in order to progress, demand highly qualified and passionate professionals.

Foster&Bridge Indonesia’s Quality Training & Development program is second to none when measuring important aspects in enterprise sustainability as it offers the holy grail of any serious enterprise, no matter its geographic location: a competitive advantage over other enterprises.

Our Mission

  1. To bolster the values of learning, self-confidence and quality effectiveness between professionals
  2. To render quality benefits that blend effectiveness with value investment, while constituting a fortuitous binding with our clients and business partners (professionals, companies, intermediaries)
  3. To continuously strive to improve our offerings to accomplish our customer needs and expectations of investment, service and selection
  4. To keep ahead of the market by innovating new programs and services based on the needs of our professional clients and market demand
  5. To promote transition for professionals to attain productive and responsible participations in society.

Our Values

• Fostering and enriching partners, customers and employees • Constant focus on excellence • Doing business with integrity and dignity • High attention to the business process and specifics