Business Plan Development for Professionals

Comprehensive Business Plan Writing

Every professional and aspired business owner has to develop their plan in building and expanding their business at some point in their career. With a clear vision and a well-developed plan they can have a better chance at thriving their endeavor to exist and to compete in the market. This two-day program helps professionals in making such plan that will lay out their steps in building their or their company’s business.

Business Plan Development for Professionals workshop will cover the development of a proper business plan, identify their target market, market research and information gathering, defining product/service plans, as well as marketing, sales and financial aspects of their business. At the end of the program they will have a better and better understanding on how a business plan should be and try to develop theirs.

This two-day program will help the participants how to:

  • Research and analyze the individual components needed for a business plan
  • An exercise in creating business plan for different audiences (stakeholders, financiers, etc.)
  • Present and elaborate the purpose and future development of their business in easy to understand terms
  • Use accounting terms to describe the future for their business
  • Present and elaborate their marketing, sales, and planning strategies of their business

Training Outline:

  • The purpose of a business plan
  • Business plan and its supporting plans
  • Business plan framework and elements
  • Identifying, understanding, and connecting with your business plan audiences
  • Gathering and analyzing information for your business plan
  • Defining your business & company (Unique Selling Proposition, company description, product & service description, market analysis, operational plan, etc.)
  • Creating financial projections
  • Integrating all of your business plan elements
  • Presenting your business plan

Recommended Participants:

  • Any professionals
  • Business Owner and Entrepreneur

Who are ready to create a business plan.

Training Schedule 2017:

January 25 – 26
March 6 – 7
May 4 – 5
August 10 – 11
October 10 – 11
December 4 – 5

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