Change Management for Professionals

A change is as inevitable in business as it is in our life. Changes are ever-present and are affecting us as well as demanding our capability to respond for our continuity. And to be able to deal with change, it is important that we embrace, strategize, and manage these changes. Both in individual and organizational levels.

Change Management for Professionals workshop will help professionals in planning and implementing change management and its initiatives. Having a smooth transition in performing changes whilst dealing with reaction, resistances, and challenges for those changes to take place. To create and to manage sustainable synergy and supports to the implemented and future changes needed for our sustainability and existence.

Training Outline:

– Understanding Change Management Foundation

  • Understanding the organization and its culture
  • Understanding change and what comes with it
  • Change Management models
  • Understanding the driving factors of the need to change
  • Identify internal and external forces of change
  • Emotional intelligence at work

– Managing Change

  • Assessing the impact of change
  • How much is the cost of change if resisted or failed?
  • Gaining supports in managing change
  • Examining the human factors in managing change: key communications issues
  • Process model of changes in projects and in the team
  • Using Change Management Tools (what works, what does not work)
  • Managing the transition necessary for coping with change
  • Managing positive and negative reaction to change
  • Taking charge and commitment to change

– Change Management Strategy

  • Communication for successful transformation
  • Understanding styles of communication as a tool in managing change
  • Balancing demands on management/client goal, resources and time
  • Developing “Change is Great!” Mindset
  • Adapt the right attitudes and practices
  • Implementing & Communicating the changes
  • Discovering your strategy in managing change successfully

Recommended Participants:

Any Professionals, who are responsible in planning and implementing change management in their organization.

Training Schedule:

18 – 19 February 2016
11 – 12 April 2016
2 – 3 June 2016
4 – 5 August 2016
10 – 11 October 2016
8 – 9 December 2016

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