Implementing 5S at Work

Originated from Japanese philosophy, this 5S (Seiri-Tidiness, Seiton-Orderliness, Seiso-Cleanliness, Seiketsu Standardization, and Shitsuke-Discipline) workshop aims to enlighten professionals in achieving major changes in their office environment. Through a structured approach and involving people and their commitment to develop better results, this workshop is applicable to various office settings, industries and environments.

People and organizations who embrace this philosophy have a better chance in achieving better outcomes and having a culture of continuous improvement instill in their operation.

Implementing 5S at Work workshop is filled with exercises and role-playings on how 5S can be implemented in various office environments. The exercises and role-playings are aimed to have participants to straightforwardly relate the 5S philosophy to the real situations that they encounter at the office.

After the workshop, it is expected that participants will have a fresh outlook and understand how the 5S approach can benefit them as individual professionals as well as for their organizations. They will also go back to their job with the applicable method in implementing the 5S approach in their daily job & working environment.



  • What is 5S?
  • The 5S Principles
  • Resistance to 5S
  • Benefit of 5S
  • Implementng 5S in the Organization
  • Managing 5S by Setting Standards
  • Managing 5S by Maintaining Standards

Recommended Participants:

Professionals who are responsible to enhance the productivity of their team or unit.

Training Schedule:

10 February 2016
7 April 2016
1 June 2016
11 August 2016
11 October 2016
8 December 2016

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