Leadership Communication Toolkit Using NLP


The objective of this program is to inspire and to equip the participants with the knowledge and techniques on how to become an effective leader through Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). By using NLP, it is expected that they can complete their leadership qualities and perform in that role successfully.

After the training they can manage themselves better as leaders, can lead and manage their teameffectively thus achieve better results and productivity for the organization.

Training Outline:

  • Managing Self
  • Introduction to NLP Self Management
    • How to set effective and achievable outcomes
    • NLP Communication Models
    • Understanding self learning systems (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, Digital Auditory) and how to maximize the results
    • 4 Learning Stages
    • Habit & Anchor
    • Presupposition
    • Modeling
  • Leadership Communication
    • Building rapport effectively
    • Pacing-Leading
    • Matching & Mirroring
    • Framing & Reframing
    • Meta Model
  • Leadership
    • Coaching & Counseling
    • 5 Leadership Capitals
    • 4 Leadership Authorities
    • 3 Leadership Basic Actions
    • Servant Leadership

Recommended Participants:

Any supervisors, assistant manager, managers, and team leaders who need to lead in their daily role.

Training Schedule:

10 – 11 February 2015
21 – 22 May 2015
8 – 9 October 2015