Self Esteem & Assertiveness for Professionals

Being confident at work is essential for any professionals. A good dose of healthy self-esteem can lead a professional to opportunities that may expand his/her career. It is one of the key requirements to success. Combined with the ability to approach other in order to make them do or achieve what he/she wants it is truly an important quality of a professional.

This Self Esteem and Assertiveness for Professionals is a one-day workshop that will equip participants with techniques that can help them improve their perception of their self-worth followed by techniques on how they can approach people to get what they want. Professionally.

This one-day workshop will help the participants how to:

  • Identify their self-worth and worthy happiness
  • Build techniques for eliminating unhealthy thought patterns and replacing them with supportive patterns
  • Learn how to turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts
  • Set goals that reflect their dreams and reinforce healthy patterns

Training Outline:

  • What is Self – Esteem?
  • What are some of the things that affect our Self-Esteem?
  • Improving Self – Esteem
  • Building Self – Esteem
  • Create Self – Confidence through their appearance and first impression
  • Increasing Self – Esteem
  • Esteemed Confidence
  • The Power of Thought
  • Ask for What You Want
  • Create What You Want

Training Schedule:

3 February 2016
6 April 2016
8 June 2016
10 August 2016
11 October 2016
1 December 2016

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