Strategic Planning for Professionals

It is important that you and the people who work with you know the direction where your company is heading. Otherwise each of you will develop your own plan and prioritize based on your individual silo that will most probably head for nowhere. Building a strategic plan that in line with your organization’s vision, missions, and values will get everybody on board heading in the same direction. Diverging the energy. Synergies.

This two-day program will help you build a strategic plan that you and your colleagues can relate to. Help you to describe what you want to do and get other where you want to go. Together.

This two-day program will help the participants how to:

  • Identify the values that support the company
  • Define the vision for the company
  • Write a mission statement that explains what the company’s purpose is
  • Complete meaningful SWOT analyses
  • Apply tools and techniques to create a strategic plan that directs the organization from the executive to the front line
  • Implement, evaluate, and review a strategic plan
  • Identify how related tools, such as the strategy map and balanced scorecard, can help them develop a strategic plan

Training Outline:

  • Identify their personal learning objectives.
  • Understanding Strategic Planning
  • Identifying Organization Values
  • Designing Organization Vision
  • Constructing Organization Mission
  • Performing a SWOT Analysis
  • Setting Goals
  • Assigning Roles, Responsibilities, and Accountabilities
  • Gathering Support For The Plan
  • Making the Change
  • Exercise: presenting strategic plan

Recommended Participants:

Any professionals who are responsible in developing strategic planning for their organization.

Training Schedule:

2 – 3 February 2016
5 – 6 April 2016
2 – 3 June 2016
1 – 2 August 2016
5 – 6 October 2016
1 – 2 December 2016

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