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Change Management for Professionals

A change is as inevitable in business as it is in our life. Changes are ever-present and are affecting us as well as demanding our capability to respond for our continuity. And to be able to deal with change, it is important that we embrace, strategize, and manage these changes. Both in individual and organizational […]


Business Plan Development for Professionals

Comprehensive Business Plan Writing Every professional and aspired business owner has to develop their plan in building and expanding their business at some point in their career. With a clear vision and a well-developed plan they can have a better chance at thriving their endeavor to exist and to compete in the market. This two-day […]


Strategic Planning for Professionals

It is important that you and the people who work with you know the direction where your company is heading. Otherwise each of you will develop your own plan and prioritize based on your individual silo that will most probably head for nowhere. Building a strategic plan that in line with your organization’s vision, missions, […]