Why Foster&Bridge Indonesia

The Role of Foster&Bridge Indonesia

In the last couple of decades we have testified to a crescent technical revolution in the industries that, in order to progress, demand highly qualified and passionate professionals. Foster&Bridge Indonesia’s Quality Training & Development program is second to none when measuring important aspects in enterprise sustainability as it offers the holy grail of any serious enterprise, no matter its geographic location: a competitive advantage over other enterprises…”

Foster&Bridge Indonesia is a highly skilled, highly experienced talent management team serving both personal and corporate partners. We pride ourselves in innovative, dynamic and versatile programs, highly trained, effective, facilitators and attention to detail in all aspect of our program delivery.

Our programs development philosophy is based on a culture of dialogue and respect for our participants. By practicing effective communication and open feedback loops with the business community we serve, we are able to stay relevant and ahead of the curve in a dynamic and ever-changing workplace environment.


1. Selected Hands-on Programs

Our Selected Hands-on Training Programs focus on the practical applications of the skills and values taught rather than the theoretical application of skills and values. This approach is more applicable for maintaining effectiveness in the workplace on a day-to-day basis. Subsequently our program participants leave our program with a competitive edge over the management professionals that have received training based on theory alone. The hands-on, experiential skill transference that occurs at Foster&Bridge Indonesia on a professional level, sharpens the skills of the participants and positions them to reenter the work place better, faster and stronger than they were prior to partaking in our Programs. We believe that our approach is superior to our competitors and our practical applications based programs are more effective when it comes to managing talent at this elite level.

The benefits of our practical application based method for program delivery include allowing the participant to directly apply their new knowledge and skills to their daily job immediately on reentering the workplace on completion of our programs. They are able to apply their skills to their jobs immediately and hit the ground running as soon they have completed one or more of our programs. This program is highly recommended by professionals for professionals. The benefits of our programs have been demonstrated on a professional level on a consistent basis from a wide range of professionals representing many diverse demographics and backgrounds. There is no need to guess whether or not these programs are beneficial for professionals the proof is in our reoccurring recommendations and unending support from satisfied participants.


2. Program Options

Foster&Bridge Indonesia offers a variety of programs that are tailor made for a wide range of professionals and managers. Whether the participants are junior professionals, senior management, CEA or Owners, we have a program that will fit your needs perfectly. By offering this broad spectrum of program options we are able to meet conditions as they are presented to us. We do not expect the participant to adapt to us – we adapt to the participant. This flexibility and broad program base to draw on allows for one stop shopping – no need to look any further.

The benefits of our deep and diverse program options provided includes the ability to plan a sustainable program that will meet the changing needs of your dynamic business. We offer the freedom and flexibility to plan for a long-term professional program with a guarantee of success and a track record of reliability. Our proven track record, repeated support and ongoing success stories from our program participants are the foundation of our continued and growing success. We are the one with quiet successful record. Our wide variety of program options and consistent results driven feedback mark us a leader in our field and we continue to mark out a dominant claim in the talent management space. Foster & Bridge Indonesia will help you succeed in your area of expertise.


3. Experienced Facilitators

Our experienced facilitators are actually passionate workers who are not just trainers but also practitioners with real world, tried and tested experience that matters when it counts. There are obvious and real, practical benefits of being advised, trained and taught programs by experienced practitioners with real world knowledge, training and experience as opposed to academics using theoretical, made up, business scenarios and who have not had to apply their knowledge in the business world in real make or break situations.

Not only is theory covered in our programs, but professionals enrolled in programs offered by Foster&Bridge Indonesia will get practical experience as well. This practical experience that is based on real world business acumen and that has met the “acid test” of the day-to-day workplace stresses, successes and failures. This grounding in the real world makes the lessons offered accessible, relatable and easy to understand as they are able to relate to the individual participant’s actual jobs on an day to day basis and the lessons learned are applicable to the workplace scenarios they deal with all the time. This hand on approach of practical experience will leave participants in our programs able to succeed in real world situations.


4. Excellent Delivery

Participants are helped and assisted through lessons while being treated with respect and integrity by trained professional facilitators that possess people skills that have been developed in the workplace from years of learning how you make the most out of every relationship. Our Program delivery features adult based learning in an environment that is conducive to rapid and meaningful learning. Our facilitators are supportive, genuine people who are highly skilled at maintaining an environment that lends itself to learning and cooperation. Our trained facilitators are highly accessible and approachable both in and out of the session. Our participants are encouraged to meet with the facilitators individually to understand learning styles and to get the absolute most out of their experience.

Adult based learning targets participants with work experience and education that is relevant to the tasks and content of the material being taught. With appropriately developed curriculum, the participant is not expected to sit through information that is either too far below or above their existing knowledge base. Appropriately matching of curriculum with knowledge and learning potential is one of the keys to our affective program delivery. This makes our system unique and appreciated among others. This combined with facilitators that are a cut above in their field make for rock solid curriculum and excellent delivery of programs & an enjoyable learning experience.


5. Training and Development Specialist Team

Our excellent and highly specialized facilitators are the best in their fields respectively with more than ten years of experience in Training Management. We have a passionate, dedicated, experienced team that is service oriented and eager to help launch the next phase of your professional career. For the entrepreneur we are equally focused and dedicated to helping you do whatever it takes to make your business ventures succeed. There is no trial and error as our training is based on real world experience and is tried and tested in the real world. We have already made all the common mistakes in our real word, hands on training to become the proficient training and development specialist team that we are. Each member of our team has a highly professional approach combined with experience in planning for a sustainable and flexible program that will meet your current needs and the needs of your organization in the future.


6. Care & Detail Oriented

We take great pride in our ability to maintain a high level of care an orientation to detail in our programs. Our highly specialized management training programs are catered towards the participant and driven by their needs. Our human resources partner’s workshops and learning experience are keystones to our care and detail oriented program delivery with meticulous attention to detail. Programs are reviewed and reports are produced during each session to ensure that we are delivering our programs to the highest of standards. This allows for a complete and thorough documentation of the process and the ability of participants to observe their progress made throughout the program.

Further, this diligent process of checks and balances creates a culture of inclusion of the participant as we strive to continually adjust our programs to meet the needs of the participant based on dialogue and feedback.  This accountability and attention to detail is essential for us to track the process and continue to deliver the absolute best in class when it comes to management training programs. The success of our programs is our adaptability in ensuring that we change where needed based on our participants input.


7. Commercially Competitive

A corporate scheme is available with a training needs assessments and progress reports. This allows us to identify the most streamlined program delivery to meet your corporate needs without having to navigate cumbersome packages and programs that are not applicable to your needs.

There is also a personal scheme available with an early bird discount that allows for anyone to retake the same program at a discounted rate. This permits us to deliver programs to the individual at a commercially competitive rate. The personal scheme ensures that we remain accessible to the individual as well as large organizations.

Finally, the facilitator scheme is available and focuses on Personal Branding Awareness. This allows the facilitators the ability to engage in personal branding while facilitating workshops. We promote professional development within our organization. By encouraging personal and professional growth tour staff remains relevant, with a growing skill set and ability to meet changing conditions with an informed and open mind.

The variety of options allows for flexibility and high quality programs optimized for your professional needs. This hierarchy of schemes that flows from corporation to personal to facilitator allows our programs to remain competitive while maintaining the highest levels of program delivery.


8. One Stop Service Solution in Training and Development Program

We are designed to offer one-stop service solutions in our training and development programs to our clients and future participants. Our programs are continually being updated to suit current and always changing professional needs in the most efficient and comprehensive way possible. New programs are being added on an ongoing basis.

The constant addition of new programs and adjustments to our existing programs ensure ourever-increasing competitiveness, applicability and relevance of the skill set we are promoting in our program delivery stays fresh. This adaptive approach to our programs ensures we are able to provide relevant cutting edge programs that are suited to the ever-changing business landscape. Our broad spectrum of options is easy to access and always commercially relevantand keeps our participant at the very edge of new and emerging market trends. The result in this one stop service solution is a high quality flexible program that is responsive to the changing market place.


9. Sharing Sessions

We openly offer opportunities to have sharing sessions among participants in our all training programs. Haring Sessions are a highly effecting learning technique that we have developed over time. Sharing session provide an interactive learning that is complimentary and supplemental to our regular program curricula. These sessions not only promote networking and relationship building, but also give our participants the hands-on experience and skills required to maintain an active and vibrant business network that is so vital in training management and the business word in general.

Our sharing sessions are avenues through which competitive professionals with fresh outlooks and new management tools are able to connect with each other and form long lasting networks and bonds. Relationships forged in our sharing sessions are just one more competitive advantage that our participants leave with as they enter in to their newly revitalized careers.